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WTF WordPress?


Man, I about moved my blogs all to another provider today.

If you ever have had issues with your wordpress blog’s settings, you can probably sympathize.

All my dashboard, settings and menus were totally whacked out. It seems this is an ongoing issue for YEARS. Most people fix it by downloading their settings and blog, being able to edit SQL tables and shit I don’t understand, and I think that this all requires also having a premium account, which I d not have.

I went about and disabled all my browser’s plugins and signed out and in and out and restarted the browser and repeat ad nauseum. Nada.

I finally got mine to reset by screwing around in the settings. Fortunately, I had one blog, as of yet unused, that allowed me to access the dashboard and settings of the other blogs. If you want to fix yours and you don’t have a secondary blog, create one. Then screw around with menu settings and the like. What actually worked for me was hitting the “Screen Options” button at the top right in most any Settings or Posting pages, then collapsing it.

Don’t ask me why that worked… because it makes no sense to me, it’s just what I noticed, since I had open tabs with the reading front end of my blogs and refreshed after each change I made in blogs. It may be some other insignificant change needed for others, or even some other time.

wtf, though.