I like to fool around with reauthoring DVDs and BDs, adding subs and dubs to them and some other stuff. I am a relative noob, just a video enthusiast doing it for fun.

I have kids who don’t want me to do anything like make custom DVDs. ^.^ … they are young kids after all, and want all of my time rather than let me camp out in front of the PC.

My family and I are all vegetarians.




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  1. Ran into your wordpress page a few days ago. I must say i’m truly enamored with your work. I think you are doing a great justice to all of the projects you are working on. What drew me too you is your current work on Akira. I’d be elated to get my hands on the ISO or pre-made disc of this finished project at the exchange of a “donation” for your efforts. You have NO other way of contact that I’ve seen besides this. I grew up in that golden age of anime (late 80’s early/mid 90’s) where Streamline dominated (VHD,LENSMAN, ect), so i KNOW exactly what i’m MISSING these days. Here is my best shot, please reply to me. Sincerely; a Fan.

    PS. Congrats on the birth of your new and recent child.
    PPS. Got your message reply on youtube.

    • I sent another message to you at YT, fingers crossed they didn’t bork the transmission.
      If you can, comment here with a valid email, preferably one that is not attached to a FB address.

  2. Great Blog man! I dig your projects and ideas. was wondering if there was any way i could get ahold of your capped “laserdisc streamline dub” as such a track would be essential to my own “Akira VHS HD” recreation project. currently waiting for my 25th anniv blu-ray to arrive which has the aforementioned dub in DTS-HD master 2.0 yet i would like to include all 3 streamline tracks in my project (vhs audio, laserdisc lpcm, and DTS-HD) all help would be greatly appreciated. Good luck with your projects!

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