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Hi, Music Lovers, Allopathic Med Haters


WordPress has issues and posted this here.

I posted it inside of a different blog I was making, but they moved it here.

No wonder it completely disappeared.
herpes derpes.

Anyhow, yeah, I will be doing a blog with music. Probably not a lot of talking, just letting music speak for itself.

Go find Music 4 Mind, Mind 4 Music, or, if you like all sorts of music outside the norm. Feed your soul and nourish your mind with some new choons.

Also keep eyes out for my anti-Big Pharma, anti-Industrialized Medical rapefest, and ranting against all the other Big Money scandalous orchestrated tainting of our Earth, our Water, our Air, our Food. Allopathic Medicine and the Food Industry will likely be the main points of contention if you enjoy those types of rants.
Had a blog reserved for that purpose for quite awhile now, just never posted to it yet.
Keep an eye out for Fire Your Surgeon!