Kudos to Krudda!


Krudda dropped some big chips to help me out, he paid for a new  2 TB HDD for me, had to pay all the exchange rates, too.

thanks, mate.

Now how can I convince my kids to let me have some time to myself to work on some fan projects?  Hmmm.

My donations from ANDARIAL and tegris23 are still sitting in paypal.  I am now  still holding them for more donations (for another HDD, or to just use the money toward some BDRE50s (rewriteable BD50 discs) to QC my BD50 projects on a hardware player, not just software).


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  1. How are things going, made any progress yet 🙂
    I guess there is a negative side to getting you a HDD, now you have to do something as you no longer have excuses 😛

    Jokes aside, I’m glad you liked it.

    • I have some progress on the Castle of Cagliostro BD. Have a lot of diff audio synced up to the Jpn BD, but need to work on subs.
      Haven’t had a chance for a week or more to work on anything, but will be back to it when I am able.
      Also made some smaller progress on other titles, but Cagliostro is the most notable.

  2. hello, just found your page and it doesnt look like youvehad a release in a while. must be busy with real life and stuff. i’l get right down to the nitty gritty, Ive been custom subbing my own r2j dvds almost 2 years an am n3 certified so i can read/write and understand a bit of japanese. I have yet to find a way to sub bdmvs without removing menus, thats a big nono for me, i gotta keep em! i was wondering if we may work out some sort of agreement or compromise, whether you would need help with anything, dvd,bds or a generous donation in order to teach me the fine points of custom subbing blu-rays. hoping you’l help and didnt fall off the face of the earth – sparkles

  3. I certainly am not trying to do anything that would resemble leveraging a donation. I will help you out however I am able. If you feel like donating to the cause of an unemployed father of three, then by all means be my guest.
    As for new projects… yeah life has me pretty busy. I had some work started on several projects a few months ago, but haven’t gotten a thing done for a long time, sadly. I have also had an insane rate of cluster headaches and migraines eating up most of my days and just leaving me unable to do anything. I really want to get back in the saddle, but these headaches are pretty insane.
    I will shoot you an email….

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