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Concise Updates on Some Current and Recent Projects


Lupin Return of Pycal Blu-Ray with ocred hardcoded fansubs, not bootleg subs that are softsubbed everywhere. DONE!
Lupin Cagliostro BD custom subs and both English dubs, maybe other subs+dubs
Lupin Mamo BD with all 4 dubs and subs. (waiting on the Mamo DVD from DT to be released, to see if their copy of the old JLA dub sounds better, or atleast cleaned up better by them).
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz R2J custom subs and dub DONE!
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz BD custom subs and dub DONE! – May edit menu and add buttons, otherwise it is completed (but not QCed on SAP)
Vifam R2J (slowly).. still need 2nd half of series DVDs (scripts are taking a long time to tweak for DVD, unfortunately, but I really want this one to be done because I really like the series!)
Akira BD Add Streamline dub capped from Criterion LD, which is actually a Stereo track, unlike the R2UK/R4AU and VHS mono track. Thanks to Biberwesen for the capped audio! DONE! – May edit menu and add buttons, otherwise it is completed (but not QCed on SAP)
Kiki’s Delivery Service BD Add the Streamline dub to the BD (and perhaps older version of Disney dub, the pre-2010 re-release version), and perhaps edited official subs. I am cleaning up the mp3 source for the Streamline dub (the ONLY copy currently availble is an mp3 from a LDcap to VHS), and trying to expand the Stereo imaging (upmix). The mp3 source was already slightly stereo rather than the original mono. The Kiki’s BD is a mess which may require a main movie and custom or rebuilt menu ONLY. doesn’t bode well for Totoro, either. (more comments on this may be forthcoming).
Totoro BD add Fox/Streamline dub. Perhaps add edited official subs.
Kabuto OVA Custom Subbed and Dubbed LD>DVDISO edition; dub from the VHS>DVDISO [PAL] (this one takes time for the script and ocr)! — also currently the dual audio is making it go over bitrate (subs not added yet — trying to find a good balance of transcoding audio which will still sound okay)
Panda! Go Panda! ITA BD with subs and dubs added.
Lupin – Hemingway Papers BD with fansubs
Lupin – Woman Called Fujiko Mine BD with Funimation subs, maybe some from Sage mixed in. If dub isn’t terrible, I may wait for the US BDs to add dub from them.
Dirty Pair while I was farting around trying to figure out how to edit the menus of my version (my adaptation of Gloval’s version, actually, all I have done is add the Streamline dub from a VHS cap I got from drgonzo369), with subs and both dubs added, well, since then there has been an R1 release with both dubs and subs, and remastered video that is nearly as good as the R2J video. Still not sure if I should bother to continue with this.
+numerous Lupin and Gundam projects
+numerous other things….
but this is a good idea of what I have going on.

I was also fortunate enough to get a copy of some subtitles created by B*, for compiling a custom subbed version of the R2J DVD/ Japanese 144 Minute Cut of Guilty of Romance, by Sion Sono. B* took the DEU BD subs and mixed it with the UK subs; he translated from German the lines missing from this extended cut and has given us an English script for this uncut version, heretofore without an English translation.

I am also helping to edit the English fansub script of Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals [DKLF/KLF], being used for a modern fansub version. I am going slowly (as always due to RLS and young kids that prefer me playing Legos than playing with videos and audio and subs). So far I have only completed a general v1 of edits for ep 1, but I think it will help it quite a bit in fluidity and remove some awkwardness.
If anyone has the Jpn LDs to cap to lossless or other similar high bitrate format, for an LD to AVCHD (BD5s) or LD to DVD version, please contact me.
Also I am looking for high quality caps of the US LDs for the English dub. If nothing else, US VHS caps would be quite acceptable if you have a decent cap setup. I have some copies of the dub, but they could be better quality.
I want to make dual audio/ subbed DVDs or AVCHD/BD5 discs, obviously. I lean toward BD5 for higher bitrate, better encoder (AVC/264).


A Few of My Current Projects


I am currently working on a whole slew of titles.

Now I will start to announce some of these and try to detail the state they are in.

Lupin fans, I have a lot I am planning, even if I can’t get a HDD to work on Cagliostro and Secret of Mamo (aka vs. Clone) Blu-Ray discs.  It will still suck not having a HDD since I barely have disc space to do DVD work.


my current plans for R2J Lupin DVDs are:

  • Lupin III TV Special 1994 Dragon of Doom – (Lupin Sansei – Moeyo Zantetsuken – Enter Zan Iron Sword)
  • Lupin III TV Special 1996 Secret of Twilight Gemini
  • Lupin III TV Special 2002 Episode 0 (First Contact) (VPBY11611)
  • Lupin III TV Special 2006 Seven Days’ Rhapsody
  • Lupin III TV Special 2012 Blood Seal Mermaid Forever (actually this is a DVD5, prerelease bootleg, I am looking for the retail)
  • Lupin III OVA 1987 The Fuma Clan Conspiracy

I will be adding English subtitles, and dubs if they exist.   Some subtitles are being sourced from fansubs, but I have ocred subs from several hard-subbed Lupin fansub videos already.  Some of the ocr scripts require ocr cleanup, but I have done most of that dismal task of ocring already.

I also have some othe Lupin DVDs to add subs and dubs to, the above are the R2J DVDs I have.  I also will be getting more of those made available in the near fututre, so Lupin fans, take note, lots of customs coming sometime…..

Dirty Pair Flight 005 Bandai R2J

I have also basically finished adding the Streamline (original) English dub to the R2J copy of Dirty Pair Flight 005 Conspiracy which already had the R1 DVD English subs and dub and Russian subs added (reauthored by Gloval).  I just want to alter the menu to include an option for the Streamline dub, and I also want to alter the credits menu to add credit for myself and drgonzo369 for supplying the Streamline VHS dub cap.   These things will have to wait until I can get a new HDD to reinstall windows, so that I can also reinstall Adobe Photoshop and all my other Adobe software.  The DVD is otherwise done, I do even have a muxed version (I have had it for 1/2 a year), I just don’t want to show it until I can do the alterations I mentioned.  I am anal.  😀


Raven Tengu Kabuto 1992 OVA – custom DVD from LD and VHS and other sources.  There is no DVD release anywhere.  I am combining the dub from the Manga UK PAL VHS to DVD transfer, with a high quality Jpn LD scan to DVD transfer for the video and Japanese audio, and subs are coming from ocring the the US VHS by LA Hero mixed with a rather meh fansub script.  This has actually been quite a lot of work getting the script to a usable level.  I am really only part way through combining the 2 scripts, then i need to fine-tune it, and check lines for DVD-safe subtitling, etc.  The dub is already timed, atleast.
EDIT: found another fansub, this one softsubbed, done by digi-anime. This one is much better, so I will incorporate it into the mixed-script.

Vifam poster

Round Vernian Vifam (aka Galactic Drifter Vifam) 1983 TV – adding the AC fansubs to R2J DVDs. If anyone has the R2J complete boxset with Vifam 13 and the OVAs on DVD, will you please contact me? I would prefer DVD9 untouched, but the compressed DVD5s from Share would be better than nothing. They are just dead on Share now, so I can’t even get those compressed DVDs now.

I will update more with other projects later, including many non-anime titles.