Hello, I Am Not Quite Dead. Yet.


So, yeah….

I have been MIA from this blog for some time.  I won’t bore you with details, but just know I have the desire to get back and finish up the projects I have started, several almost completed, but life has a way of getting in the way of hobbies, especially if you have kids.

Here ya go, a teaser sample of the better cap of the Kiki’s Streamline dub


after some processing, it sounds like this:


this covers the portion of the old cap that was most problematic, so even if it isn’t the most dynamic selection, those in the know can compare how much better this is.  If anyone thinks it sounds like I over-did the noise filtering, let me know now.  I had to do a serious balancing act here, in order to not ruin the track while removing hiss and hum, less an issue is removing pops and clicks (analog LD tracks can be quite noise with lots of surface noise).


Kudos to Krudda!


Krudda dropped some big chips to help me out, he paid for a new  2 TB HDD for me, had to pay all the exchange rates, too.

thanks, mate.

Now how can I convince my kids to let me have some time to myself to work on some fan projects?  Hmmm.

My donations from ANDARIAL and tegris23 are still sitting in paypal.  I am now  still holding them for more donations (for another HDD, or to just use the money toward some BDRE50s (rewriteable BD50 discs) to QC my BD50 projects on a hardware player, not just software).

New Updates….


Okay, so I am *slowly* starting to get some work done on projects.


– I have 2 different caps direct from the LD.  The LDs still suffer from hum, surface noise, clicks, pops (it is the analog mono track), but this is being fussy.  Compared to the previous version, these are magnitudes better.  I took the cleaner copy and cleaned it up more (eclick, pop removal, removed static and hum as best as I could without making it all sound tinny and adding unwanted transients and removing stuff I wanted, and other crap).  Strange issues with the Music + Effects (M+E) track slipping and sliding early or late compared to the Japanese track, though I am kind of getting used to weird crap like this.  Not much I can do about most of this.  I made a few cuts/splices with added or removed delay, but most of this film has music, or really quiet ambint noise that would sound really terrible with silence cut in.  Most of the sfx shouldn’t be noticeably off, it is usually 100 ms or less (many people don’;t bother syncing past 4-5 frames or 150 ms, in general… I am just more fastidious).

– I have a Ukranian dub.  It is a fan-dub, but apparently has some TV pros working on it too.  Dedicated In memory of Nikolai Alekseevich Lukasz. Translation and dubbing performed by “Three Dots.” This will be added, but it has some syncing issues that simple cutting and splicing with delays won’t completely fix.  Not sure I want to get into transcoding it to wav to break into a million pieces to time stretch small bits diff amounts.  All the HD rips out there have it as-is.  I am just anal, I guess.  Possibly I wil get a dubsub made from this, for Ukrainians to watch with, as I know of no actual Ukr subs.  I suppose some other cyrillic subs may also be helpful, but I can’t edit these myself.

– found better sources (from the DVDs) for a few audio tracks.

– looking for more subs and things to add, so long as the subs are cleaned up (no misspellings or ocr errors, no grammatical nonsense, and other crap), Must be synced to the BD, and otherwise not a screwed up mess.  I cannot edit other language’s subs!  Contact me if you have good subs to add.  If you need a workraw to sync subs, let me know.


– I am redoing the dub sync from scratch.  major issues due to a) Funimation truncating the tail off some audio at their chapter points, and b) having to cut AC3 files on AC3 packet boundaries (if I want to sync all these bits to one whole without transcoding audio at all)..  These 2 issues together make me required to cut at the chapter point to add in delay, but trimming at the exact spot between audio in one chapter and the next is freaking impossible.  Cutting at the AC3 boundaries creates a pause (stutter) either at the end of the previous chapter point or at the start of the next chapter’s audio.  I have to fake it by adding unwanted delays at other points before and then re-try and other malarkey.


– I originally planned to do the full Blu-Ray with subs and all the dubs thing myself, but it looks like AkaiShuichi is taking over a good chunk of the audio syncing, will sync subs.  I am working on the Geneon 2.0 mix from the DiscoTek DVD.  (edit: I may not even be doing that).

Some other projects going on,too.

WTF WordPress?


Man, I about moved my blogs all to another provider today.

If you ever have had issues with your wordpress blog’s settings, you can probably sympathize.

All my dashboard, settings and menus were totally whacked out. It seems this is an ongoing issue for YEARS. Most people fix it by downloading their settings and blog, being able to edit SQL tables and shit I don’t understand, and I think that this all requires also having a premium account, which I d not have.

I went about and disabled all my browser’s plugins and signed out and in and out and restarted the browser and repeat ad nauseum. Nada.

I finally got mine to reset by screwing around in the settings. Fortunately, I had one blog, as of yet unused, that allowed me to access the dashboard and settings of the other blogs. If you want to fix yours and you don’t have a secondary blog, create one. Then screw around with menu settings and the like. What actually worked for me was hitting the “Screen Options” button at the top right in most any Settings or Posting pages, then collapsing it.

Don’t ask me why that worked… because it makes no sense to me, it’s just what I noticed, since I had open tabs with the reading front end of my blogs and refreshed after each change I made in blogs. It may be some other insignificant change needed for others, or even some other time.

wtf, though.

Hi, Music Lovers, Allopathic Med Haters


WordPress has issues and posted this here.

I posted it inside of a different blog I was making, but they moved it here.

No wonder it completely disappeared.
herpes derpes.

Anyhow, yeah, I will be doing a blog with music. Probably not a lot of talking, just letting music speak for itself.

Go find Music 4 Mind, Mind 4 Music, or http://music4mind4music.wordpress.com, if you like all sorts of music outside the norm. Feed your soul and nourish your mind with some new choons.

Also keep eyes out for my anti-Big Pharma, anti-Industrialized Medical rapefest, and ranting against all the other Big Money scandalous orchestrated tainting of our Earth, our Water, our Air, our Food. Allopathic Medicine and the Food Industry will likely be the main points of contention if you enjoy those types of rants.
Had a blog reserved for that purpose for quite awhile now, just never posted to it yet.
Keep an eye out for Fire Your Surgeon!

Lupin III TV Special 1995 Pursuit of Harimaos Treasure R2J – English Subbed and Dubbed


(screens taken at storage aspect ratio by MPC-HC; I may make some at DAR at somee point)

okay, so I haven’t officially wrapped this one up yet. I still have to work on the subs. I plan to try to have both of Funimation’s subtitle streams, the one that goes with the dub and the one that goes with Japanese audio.

speaking of the dub: to call this arduous and onerous would be like calling the crackwhores that hang out with my mullet-headed neighbor “maybe a bit loose.” In other words, a gross understatement. And speaking of loose — geez, fiunimation’s syncing and mastering are a mess.
holy mother of Fuck was that a royal pain in the ass to sync! Not only did I have to demux the R1 audio separated into pieces at every fucking chapter using DVD Decrypter, I had to further split these chapter chunks in a bunch of pieces and add and remove more delay from each piece using delaycut and eac3to and vegas to monitor the sync progress.
Then I watched it and found more things to nitpick and redo.
If I were getting paid, I would probably finesse this some ore, but for fuck’ssake, what the hell does Funimation do to add and reove so many goddamn frames at every scene change and ad break? their masters are total shit.

try keeping track of buckets of audio snippets, and editing these and adding or removing delay, all losslessly in delaycut and mending the bits in eac3to cli, see if you can handle it. 😀

it could actually use more minor edits adding or removing delay, trimming start end times and making more splices, where it slips and slides… but that is enough for me.

Btw, I added in the original R2J ending too, since Funi truncated the Ending song by a couple minutes.
that HAD to be transcoded from the R2J audio, since the Funi bitrate is 256k and R2J was 384k, and no way can i merge 2 diff bitrates with eac3to cli tool, let alone mux it in scenarist or muxman if I could.

want an idea of the fun(imation) I had?
just look at the filename for my synced dub:

English – ch 1f+2+3f+4f+5+6+7+8+9+10A+10B+11A+11B+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20f+JpnEnd_PART 1A+1B.AC3

the thing about the Funi ending is it is a non-vocal mix which I like, but they fade it out fast, and I can’t mux it in Scenarist with that much audio descrepency, unless I add silence, but the credits still roll where as Funi had them shortened and localized ONLY (even though they use angles on the DVD for other Eng or Jpn titles), and I thought a fast fade out to 2 minutes of silence while credits roll is weird.

makes me want to avoid all Funimation dubs for adding to other Lupin R2J DVDs.
retiming subs is going to suck monster donkey schlongs b/c of the very same slip and slide adding and removing frames they did.
sloppy hacks.

I should get a job in this business, since professionals sure churn out some substandard work.

I finished the dub a few days ago, no time for subs yet.

The good news is that it will mux in the R2J with subs and not have to be transcoded. Atleast my preliminary remux of R2J audio/video with dub and R1 sup files. The only difference is my subs will be re-rendeered, and the bitrate on them will be much higher than the official R1 sup files (official fugly DVD subs, you know the score), they may just tip over max bitrate if I try to use a really nice font and styling for DVD… see bitrate graph below.

comparing R2J video to R1 video, bitrate and time, etc.

image host

So, you may wonder: how is the R2J video?
It’s not great, tbh.


It surely beats the Funi video to a pulp, but how hard is that? Perhaps I will make a comparison on same frames at some point.
But the R2J suffers terrible interlacing and telecine wobble garbage and blended frames, being a 29.97 interlaced encoding, rather than a nice progressive video or utilizing some soft telecine…

Perhaps the BD is better, I will have to hope so.

updates on the custom later, when my family life allows time for sub editing.

So after many more days, I have a pretty good version of the subs done for the Japanese audio. It seriously took several days to tweak each line, and still needs more timing work. Considering the inordinate amount of work to sync the English subs for Japanese audio, I suspect I will skip syncing the dubsubs track for English audio, it was a huge pain in the ass of days of straight work on the other subs. If I skip the dubsubs, I will, however, include a copy of the opening credits/ titles translations, as well as my closing warning:


… and I mean this, too!

speaking of Opening and Ending, I am going to try to include the FUNimation English angles as an extra on my fan disc. Here’s hoping I figure out how to add it in with Scenarist and make it selectable (even as an easter egg). I imported it to my scenario, but have no clue how to link it up with navi commands. 😐