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Cagliostro Blu-Ray?


So I have the Japanese Cagliostro Blu-Ray, as well as the R1 Manga 2 disc edition and the R2 UK release which offers the older Streamline dub (obviously this would needed to be slowed down for the other releases as it is PAL, but I have done this a bit before, although this Cagliostro BD is 29.970 fps and not 23.976).

Lupin Cagliostro BD Cover

Anyhow, my plan is to add both the Streamline and Manga dubs, as well as a few different sub tranlations. I have to remember, if I use it, to transcribe part of Manga’s hard-coded on-screen text (here’s hoping).
If I can get some tips and help, I would also like to include the extras from both the R1 and R2UK DVDs and add them to the BD. The R2UK may pose issues for some players though, as it is PAL (i.e. it is 25 fps). Some US players (probably the NTSC PS3, too) don’t like 25 or 50 fps. I guess I am lucky that my Samsung player shifts frame rates if needed, and my (dying*) Samsung HDTV seems to play native 25 fps PAL and 50 fps BDs discs just fine from SAPs and my PC.

The Blu-Ray demuxed fine in BD Reauthor Pro and loads fine into SCenarist. I just don’t know that I want to start all this for yet another disc I can’t MUX (the last stage in Scenarist custom discs, aside from QC – quality Checking).

Lupin III imports okay into Scen BD after BDRP 20

I guess I can always go ahead and time the subs and dubs, render the subs, then make an AVCHD or BD5 or BD9 with tsmuxer to keep me happy until I can MUX the full BD, after I have a new HDD. I have done some decent encodes with x264 before (I will post some screens some time of some of my BD25s and BD50s, etc.) One thing about this is that it is interlaced MBAFF and I am not a greatly experienced encoder so proper IVTC and deinterlacing can be a bit of a black art to me. I understand enough to know it can be confusing, and to know I wish I had a CUDA gpu just for using with neuron2’s NV decoders for avisynth, to use on interlaced sources (especially those evil interlaced VC-1 videos).

*yes, sadly for a few months now my Samsung 1080p has been dying. Black spots of death. It is only a couple of years old. I do have an extended warranty, but when I exchange it I will have to pay, out-of-pocket, any taxes on it, and I will have to pay for any new warranty, also out-of-pocket. For this TV that is in the neighborhood of several hundred dollars, which I don’t have. I can’t even replace my PSU on my other desktop with some low-end crap, or get a HDD or 2 to backup and reinstall Windows on this PC, or to replace a blown tire on my car. I just hope that the number of black spots don’t keep populating, and they don’t get too big. They are growing and they are multiplying. They also move around…. weird.