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New Updates….


Okay, so I am *slowly* starting to get some work done on projects.


– I have 2 different caps direct from the LD.  The LDs still suffer from hum, surface noise, clicks, pops (it is the analog mono track), but this is being fussy.  Compared to the previous version, these are magnitudes better.  I took the cleaner copy and cleaned it up more (eclick, pop removal, removed static and hum as best as I could without making it all sound tinny and adding unwanted transients and removing stuff I wanted, and other crap).  Strange issues with the Music + Effects (M+E) track slipping and sliding early or late compared to the Japanese track, though I am kind of getting used to weird crap like this.  Not much I can do about most of this.  I made a few cuts/splices with added or removed delay, but most of this film has music, or really quiet ambint noise that would sound really terrible with silence cut in.  Most of the sfx shouldn’t be noticeably off, it is usually 100 ms or less (many people don’;t bother syncing past 4-5 frames or 150 ms, in general… I am just more fastidious).

– I have a Ukranian dub.  It is a fan-dub, but apparently has some TV pros working on it too.  Dedicated In memory of Nikolai Alekseevich Lukasz. Translation and dubbing performed by “Three Dots.” This will be added, but it has some syncing issues that simple cutting and splicing with delays won’t completely fix.  Not sure I want to get into transcoding it to wav to break into a million pieces to time stretch small bits diff amounts.  All the HD rips out there have it as-is.  I am just anal, I guess.  Possibly I wil get a dubsub made from this, for Ukrainians to watch with, as I know of no actual Ukr subs.  I suppose some other cyrillic subs may also be helpful, but I can’t edit these myself.

– found better sources (from the DVDs) for a few audio tracks.

– looking for more subs and things to add, so long as the subs are cleaned up (no misspellings or ocr errors, no grammatical nonsense, and other crap), Must be synced to the BD, and otherwise not a screwed up mess.  I cannot edit other language’s subs!  Contact me if you have good subs to add.  If you need a workraw to sync subs, let me know.


– I am redoing the dub sync from scratch.  major issues due to a) Funimation truncating the tail off some audio at their chapter points, and b) having to cut AC3 files on AC3 packet boundaries (if I want to sync all these bits to one whole without transcoding audio at all)..  These 2 issues together make me required to cut at the chapter point to add in delay, but trimming at the exact spot between audio in one chapter and the next is freaking impossible.  Cutting at the AC3 boundaries creates a pause (stutter) either at the end of the previous chapter point or at the start of the next chapter’s audio.  I have to fake it by adding unwanted delays at other points before and then re-try and other malarkey.


– I originally planned to do the full Blu-Ray with subs and all the dubs thing myself, but it looks like AkaiShuichi is taking over a good chunk of the audio syncing, will sync subs.  I am working on the Geneon 2.0 mix from the DiscoTek DVD.  (edit: I may not even be doing that).

Some other projects going on,too.


Concise Updates on Some Current and Recent Projects


Lupin Return of Pycal Blu-Ray with ocred hardcoded fansubs, not bootleg subs that are softsubbed everywhere. DONE!
Lupin Cagliostro BD custom subs and both English dubs, maybe other subs+dubs
Lupin Mamo BD with all 4 dubs and subs. (waiting on the Mamo DVD from DT to be released, to see if their copy of the old JLA dub sounds better, or atleast cleaned up better by them).
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz R2J custom subs and dub DONE!
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz BD custom subs and dub DONE! – May edit menu and add buttons, otherwise it is completed (but not QCed on SAP)
Vifam R2J (slowly).. still need 2nd half of series DVDs (scripts are taking a long time to tweak for DVD, unfortunately, but I really want this one to be done because I really like the series!)
Akira BD Add Streamline dub capped from Criterion LD, which is actually a Stereo track, unlike the R2UK/R4AU and VHS mono track. Thanks to Biberwesen for the capped audio! DONE! – May edit menu and add buttons, otherwise it is completed (but not QCed on SAP)
Kiki’s Delivery Service BD Add the Streamline dub to the BD (and perhaps older version of Disney dub, the pre-2010 re-release version), and perhaps edited official subs. I am cleaning up the mp3 source for the Streamline dub (the ONLY copy currently availble is an mp3 from a LDcap to VHS), and trying to expand the Stereo imaging (upmix). The mp3 source was already slightly stereo rather than the original mono. The Kiki’s BD is a mess which may require a main movie and custom or rebuilt menu ONLY. doesn’t bode well for Totoro, either. (more comments on this may be forthcoming).
Totoro BD add Fox/Streamline dub. Perhaps add edited official subs.
Kabuto OVA Custom Subbed and Dubbed LD>DVDISO edition; dub from the VHS>DVDISO [PAL] (this one takes time for the script and ocr)! — also currently the dual audio is making it go over bitrate (subs not added yet — trying to find a good balance of transcoding audio which will still sound okay)
Panda! Go Panda! ITA BD with subs and dubs added.
Lupin – Hemingway Papers BD with fansubs
Lupin – Woman Called Fujiko Mine BD with Funimation subs, maybe some from Sage mixed in. If dub isn’t terrible, I may wait for the US BDs to add dub from them.
Dirty Pair while I was farting around trying to figure out how to edit the menus of my version (my adaptation of Gloval’s version, actually, all I have done is add the Streamline dub from a VHS cap I got from drgonzo369), with subs and both dubs added, well, since then there has been an R1 release with both dubs and subs, and remastered video that is nearly as good as the R2J video. Still not sure if I should bother to continue with this.
+numerous Lupin and Gundam projects
+numerous other things….
but this is a good idea of what I have going on.

I was also fortunate enough to get a copy of some subtitles created by B*, for compiling a custom subbed version of the R2J DVD/ Japanese 144 Minute Cut of Guilty of Romance, by Sion Sono. B* took the DEU BD subs and mixed it with the UK subs; he translated from German the lines missing from this extended cut and has given us an English script for this uncut version, heretofore without an English translation.

I am also helping to edit the English fansub script of Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals [DKLF/KLF], being used for a modern fansub version. I am going slowly (as always due to RLS and young kids that prefer me playing Legos than playing with videos and audio and subs). So far I have only completed a general v1 of edits for ep 1, but I think it will help it quite a bit in fluidity and remove some awkwardness.
If anyone has the Jpn LDs to cap to lossless or other similar high bitrate format, for an LD to AVCHD (BD5s) or LD to DVD version, please contact me.
Also I am looking for high quality caps of the US LDs for the English dub. If nothing else, US VHS caps would be quite acceptable if you have a decent cap setup. I have some copies of the dub, but they could be better quality.
I want to make dual audio/ subbed DVDs or AVCHD/BD5 discs, obviously. I lean toward BD5 for higher bitrate, better encoder (AVC/264).

Requesting Donation of BDRE50


If anyone has a spare BDRE50 they can part with, I would greatly appreciate it as a donation to QC my custom BD50s on my Samsung Stand Alone Player. I have a few BDRE25s still, but nothing to QC BD50s.

Please just verify that it works, or at least that it can format fully. I had 3 I bought a few years back, and of those 3, one would not format fully, it always hung at the layer-break. Pretty junky. Sadly this was a Mitsubishi/Verbatim BDRE50 and cost like $30 each at the time. The ebay Japanese seller was pretty good at pretending they didn’t understand my desire to have the disc swapped out and let them send it to Mitsubishi/Verbatim, and Verbatim never responded to my emails (wtf happened to their company? their DVD9 were the best, but their BD media is pretty shite, and they have zero customer service).

thanks for the consideration.

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz – Special Edition Blu-ray (1998) AVC 1080p – Custom English Subbed+ Dubbed



I took the English 5.1 dub which I had already synced to the R2J DVD and have added it to the Jpanaese Blu-ray Disc (I synced it losslessly by removing and adding delay with delaycut, having found these delays in Vegas with a wav copy of the AC3).
For the Blu-ray I have added and created an additional Stereo downmix of the dub. The downmix was made in this chain:
synced 5.1 AC3 > downmixed to Stereo, wav file output with eac3to in one pass > Stereo AC3 @ 448k with Sonic Audio Transcoder (Dolby Surround Encoding is turned on).
I watch things with my high end Sony headphones a lot, especially when kids and my partner are asleep, so Stereo mixes are good for me, and 5.1 in headphones or other stereo set ups is pretty awful.
Plus I added a rendered R1 subtitle script, modified for Blu-ray timing, and simple karaoke. I ended up having to remove a bunch of textfx on the karaoke for insert song and ending song. It was giving me buffer underflow errors in Scenarist, and after 15 muxes failing part-way through, I just stripped 95% of the fx, kept only a few basic ones. Subs were made in avs2bdnxml, as usual, the best tool out there. Go find it at doom9.

Screens of the subs taken in MPC-HC (except for the last one, taken in vlc, since it was already capped). I have to use ffdshow video filter in MPC-HC, instead of LAVF, because ffdshow’s internal subtitle renderer allows me to take full-sized screens with PGS subs in the screen cap. I wonder if I can just use ffdshow for post-processing and that it will pick up subs in screen caps, but use LAVF for main video filter? I will test more and try to use that for next time. This is just for viewing subs, anyhow. Subs may display a bit smaller or larger depending how your player handles PGS.

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Akira US BD With Streamline Dub From Criterion Collection LD Cap


Akira BD Cover

So I had previously timestretched and re-synced, and painstakingly edited into snippets, the Streamline dub of Akira from the R4 AU DVD. No joke, it was a mess to sync, the master on that DVD is crappy, missing tons of frames. Likely some really bad artifacts and issues from a sloppy NTSC>PAL conversion, among other things. Around the 50 minute mark it really loses sync badly, even taking into account the timestretch. Also the Streamline dub is really in terrible quality. For one it is dual mono, an obvious port from the PAL VHSs, not a true stereo at all. Worse, it just sounds like it was mastered with a Fostex or lower quality cassette 4-track in a basement with electrical issues.

So along comes my buddy, biberwesen, and he informs me that the Criterion LD releases had actual stereo on them for their presentation of the Streamline dub. He tracked down a copy through LDDB, I think, and he and friends capped the audio. I received this nice surprise on my birthday, too. Better still, it was already synced to the US BD (although all the BDs are the same basically — owning the US BD and the UK BD/DVD Steelcase, I know they are the same master, and the US and JPN BDs are identical except for the disc image screen print). I assume that the CC LD did not have the bad mastering and issues requiring snipping the audio into 40k pieces like the PAL “DVD audio” did. The only thing that was strange was the LPCM audio I was sent seemed to be the wrong format for Scenarist to accept. I think it was the wrong byte order, endiness or smth I don’t really know much about. 😛 Fortunately it was fixed by my experiment of converting the wav to FLAC and FLAC back to wav with eac3to. I didn’t want to have to do any conversions that would result in loss, and it looks like I was fortunate to not have to. Scenarist parsed the new wav from FLAC just fine.

Is the LD audio really that much better?

Why take my word for it, here is a minute and a half sample from each of basically the same passage in the film, a side-by-side comparison of the LD cap vs R4 DVD (wav stretched to NTSC but otherwise unaffected… the DVD really sounds just this bad by comparison to the LD):

Streamline sample from CC LD cap

Streamline sample from R4 AU DVD:

If you can’t hear the difference…. get your ears checked. It is dramatic.

The US Blu-Ray Disc has been demuxed and reauthored with BD Reauthor Pro and Scenarist BD. I used Sony Vegas to verify sync.





I have also created a BD25 version of my custom Akira.  I stripped out the TRU-HD tracks and just kept the AC3@640 core of each as a placeholder for those audio tracks..  The track order is the same as before, and the LPCM Streamline-Orion Dub is still the same quality.

If I have time to really mess with it, I may add some additional subtitle tracks.  I am trying to find a cap of the UK subbed VHS — especially the one that came in a twin VHS pack with the Production Report tape.  That set reportedly has perhaps the best translation to date.  The subs on the BD aren’t *bad*… but they are partly a dub-sub, and have translated lines that correspond to the Pioneer dub, when there is nothing in the Japanese dialog.  Not so great for that.

If you have access to the subbe UK Akira VHS or a cap (rip) of it, or the subtitles transcribed froom it, please get ahold of me.

Lupin III OVA: The Return of Pycal (2002) AVC 1080i BD25 – Custom English Subbed


Pycal Cover

IMDb Link…….: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0420138/

Genre…………..: Adventure / Comedy / Science Fiction / Keytar Concert of Doom
Distributor……..: VAP
Year……………: 2002
Country…………: Japan
Director………..: Mamoru Hamatsu

Source……………: BD25
Blu-ray Codec……..: AVC
Blu-ray Size………: BD25

Programs Used….: AnyDVD (Not My Rip)
+ video sub finder, abby fine reader, aegisub, subtitle edit, notepad, notepad ++, avs2bdnxml
+ MeGUI, dgavcindex, avisynth, avspmod, x264, eac3to, avidemux, vdub, delaycut, mpc-hc, pdvd12, tmt3+5, Sonic QC
+ BD Reauthor Pro, Sonic Scenarist BD

Screen Format….: Widescreen
Resolution…….: 1080i
Subtitles……..: English (including: all 3 Secret Endings are subbed)
(ocred from A-F & A-K fansub; tweaked and edited)

Menu………….: Untouched
Video…………: Untouched
Audio…………: Untouched
Extras………..: 3 Secret Endings available only after watching film proper


DTS-HD Master Audio Japanese 2968 kbps 5.1 48 kHz 2968 kbps 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
Dolby TrueHD Audio Japanese 1467 kbps 5.1 48 kHz 1467 kbps 16-bit (AC3 Embedded: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps)

This OVA is atleast fun, if probably not the best Lupin ever.
Seriously though, it brings back a character, a great adversary, from the second episode of the first TV series, and pits them against each other again over jewels and Fujiko.

screens taken with vlc, make of quality what you will, it is the only way to give a taste of some of the subs at full resolution, or atleast screens of the ones that actually displayed properly (unfortunately I can't take screens of a few of the subs b/c vlc screwed them up).

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Plus, just when we all thought the heydey of keytars was the 80s, watch out world, here comes Pycal with his KEYTAR OF DESTRUCTION AND DOMINATION!



I hate ocr, but all the available softsubs around (till now) are from bootlegs, plus the subbed DVD posted here was also a bootleg. Now you can enjoy this OVA in actual English, and in better quality than an old avi.

Thanks to biberwesen, JackJack, for help with source.

Also thanks to [b]Anime-Fansubs and Anime-Kissaten[/b] for the original fansubs that I ocred the subs from ( Lupin_III_-_Return_of_Pycal_[A-F&A-K]_[72E5CF72].avi). I edited and changed a few things in the script, and a few changes were made with some help from various people in forums — thanks! to all of them.

Thanks to texhonolize for answering a few questions, and huge thanks to hamletiii for the indispensable help and guides and allowing me access to proper tools.


these next screens were taken with Scenarist QC at desktop resolution of 1440×900, b/c vlc totally mungs these screens and only displays the top display set in the epoch and projects it to the middle of the screen and off-center:

imagebam.com imagebam.com

I have more custom DVDs and BDs to work on, but still not really the HDD space to work on many of them (especially BD50s). Therefore more of my upcoming customs will likely be DVDs, despite being able to finally create BDs and have Scenarist BD actually mux for me. Not sure how much space I even have for many DVDs, but hopefully I can churn a few out soon, now that I have been able to start work on customs again.

This is my first full-fledged custom BD (that I was able to fully mux due to issues with muxing on my last OS install), i.e., one not done wtih tsmuxer and easysup.

If anyone spots any major errors, please let me know, as long as they aren’t due to using vlc or other software players. I can’t fix that.
If anyone has any suggestions for improvement for my next custom, please let me know.

Subs are on by default. TrueHD audio is default (same as retail disc).

I experimented a lot more with this disc than usual, in terms of Title effects and effects.
All players (software and hardware players) handle subtitle delays differently, with many, they screw up the timing. TMT5 tends to display too late all the time. PDVD seems a bit closer to actual timing, but flakes out. MPC-HC is all over the place. vlc straight up doesn’t display some of my subtitles — especially on the Lupin III Logo screen which has 2 display sets in an epochs with changing continuous time titles and credits… it completely eliminates the bottom display set in epochs that are split 😦 therefore vlc is the most unrecommended player for anything but screen shots for subs it displays okay.
Because of the annoying differences in timing, I could not sync subs as anally tightly as I would like, especially those on the Title screen and Lupin III Logo Screen, the ones that use the most effects.

Tested on Scenarist QC and my Samsung BDP for final tweaking and timing, as that is my target.


interestingly they changed the Japanese characters Font Type for Title and Opening credits, on the BD from the DVD. there may be other changes, but I came across this by accident.

BD type face(l) vs Typeface on DVD (fansub encoded from DVD)(r)

image host

Some Updates to Planned Lupin III DVD Projects




Once I have more HDD space, here is the ever-expanding list of Lupin III DVDs I have available for customizing with subs (and, if available, dubs).

  1. Lupin III Movie 1985 The Legend Of The Gold Of Babylon – R2J
  2. Lupin III OVA 1987 The Fuma Clan Conspiracy – R2J
  3. Lupin III TV Special 1990 The Mystery of the Hemingway Papers – R2J
  4. Lupin III TV Special 1991 Napoleon’s Dictionary [Napolean no Jisho wo Ubae] – R2J
  5. Lupin III TV Special 1993 Voyage To Danger Lupin Sansei – Lupin Ansatsu Shirei – R2J
  6. Lupin III TV Special 1994 Dragon of Doom – Lupin Sansei – Moeyo Zantetsuken – Enter Zan Iron Sword – R2J
  7. Lupin III TV Special 1996 Secret of Twilight Gemini -R2J
  8. Lupin III TV Special 1997 IIsland of Assassins (Walther P38) R2J DVD5 reencoded
  9. Lupin III TV Special 1999 The Columbus Files FUJIKO’S Unlucky Days – R2J
  10. Lupin III TV Special 2001 Alcatraz Connection – R2J
  11. Lupin III TV Special 2002 Episode 0 (First Contact) R2J (VPBY11611)
  12. Lupin III TV Special 2004 Stolen Lupin – R2J DVD5 reencoded
  13. Lupin III TV Special 2006 Seven Days’ Rhapsody Lupin Sansei – R2J
  14. Lupin III TV Special 2011 Blood Seal Mermaid Forever (probably a R2J reencoded DVD5 or prerelease bootleg)
  15. Lupin III First TV Series – R2J – I only have volumes 2 and 5 so far. I am hoping to obtain the rest.

I also have Blu-Rays of the Castle of Cagliostro, the Secret of Mamo (aka Lupin vs Clone), and Lupin vs Conan.  But if you read my pleading for donations, you will know these cannot be muxed until I can reinstall Windows which will require a 2 TB HDD.

The DVDs alone will take a long time, since I have very little HDD space to even work on.

Please consider a donation if you want to see me work any faster on some of these titles, and please note what you anticipate the most.