CISPA 2.0 – Congressional Douchebags Are At It Again


So, as we all know, the moneygrubbing, self-serving and corporate-interest-serving douches in congress don’t give a fuck about us. So it sounds awful fishy when they claim they want to take our rights away in order to help better protect us.

Enter CISPA 2.0.

I encourage you to go over to and sign the new petition against the newest act of oligarchical sweeping legislation against the people.

End the oligarchical douchebaggery —
tell the Demopublicans and Republicrats to go fuck themselves and their Big Content/Monsanto-money-greased anuses, and leave us alone.

By the way, I feel the need to make at least a comment on the passing of Aaron Swartz, co-founder of demandprogress, and one of the few wealthy people actually working to better all people, not just he and his economic class. My sincerest sympathy to he and his family and friends. He is a legend.

As Aaron said in a speech reflecting on these internet bills, whoever masterminded these are “GOOD!”
You can really watch the party lines dissolve when something like this is put into a bill and fast tracked in a few days, with both parties rushing to see who can have more names signed on. The only times we see shit like this are when their corporate masters come calling. Big Daddy Dow or Monsanto or ConAgra, Big Pharma, Big Content, Dairy Farmers and Beef and Pork Industries… anywhere the big money is, our congressional reps only ideology is to be a whore and play fuck toy for wads of cash fisted into their cunts and buttholes.

or as I put it in a forum I attend:

a corporate-sponsored bill that cares nothing but for Big Biz douchebags and the greased anus of their congressional lackey fuck toys.


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