Some Updates to Akira and Endless Waltz Custom BDs: Attempt at Menu Buttons


With the assistance of gatsu123, I may attempt to add new menu buttons to a few (or many forthcoming) custom BDs, to allow selections of the English subs and dubs added to these. I am pretty happy with the end result of Akira and Endless Waltz, but if I can improve them — why not?

Akira is a terrible mess, tho, so this one seems especially difficult, with over 12 page groups of buttons just for audio options.

Endless Waltz has both a Top Menu and Pop-up menu, so it may also prove difficult, so no promises either way.

But here’s hoping I can learn a bit more about the IG Editor and get familiar enough to import some buttons or change them for future projects, or at least simple discs.

EDIT: I have also been asked to attempt to add a Brazilian Portuguese dub. This may be do-able as it is a small 2 channel AC3 file, and won’t add much more to total max bitrate. Then again it may go over with something so small. A bigger issue strikes me as where to add the buttons for all these dubs. I am already wondering how the hell to add one more audio selection button, let alone two.

Here is what the US BD audio selection menu looks like, in all its crowded glory:


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