Requesting Donation of BDRE50


If anyone has a spare BDRE50 they can part with, I would greatly appreciate it as a donation to QC my custom BD50s on my Samsung Stand Alone Player. I have a few BDRE25s still, but nothing to QC BD50s.

Please just verify that it works, or at least that it can format fully. I had 3 I bought a few years back, and of those 3, one would not format fully, it always hung at the layer-break. Pretty junky. Sadly this was a Mitsubishi/Verbatim BDRE50 and cost like $30 each at the time. The ebay Japanese seller was pretty good at pretending they didn’t understand my desire to have the disc swapped out and let them send it to Mitsubishi/Verbatim, and Verbatim never responded to my emails (wtf happened to their company? their DVD9 were the best, but their BD media is pretty shite, and they have zero customer service).

thanks for the consideration.


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