Gundam Wing Endless Waltz – Special Edition Blu-ray (1998) AVC 1080p – Custom English Subbed+ Dubbed


I took the English 5.1 dub which I had already synced to the R2J DVD and have added it to the Jpanaese Blu-ray Disc (I synced it losslessly by removing and adding delay with delaycut, having found these delays in Vegas with a wav copy of the AC3).
For the Blu-ray I have added and created an additional Stereo downmix of the dub. The downmix was made in this chain:
synced 5.1 AC3 > downmixed to Stereo, wav file output with eac3to in one pass > Stereo AC3 @ 448k with Sonic Audio Transcoder (Dolby Surround Encoding is turned on).
I watch things with my high end Sony headphones a lot, especially when kids and my partner are asleep, so Stereo mixes are good for me, and 5.1 in headphones or other stereo set ups is pretty awful.
Plus I added a rendered R1 subtitle script, modified for Blu-ray timing, and simple karaoke. I ended up having to remove a bunch of textfx on the karaoke for insert song and ending song. It was giving me buffer underflow errors in Scenarist, and after 15 muxes failing part-way through, I just stripped 95% of the fx, kept only a few basic ones. Subs were made in avs2bdnxml, as usual, the best tool out there. Go find it at doom9.

Screens of the subs taken in MPC-HC (except for the last one, taken in vlc, since it was already capped). I have to use ffdshow video filter in MPC-HC, instead of LAVF, because ffdshow’s internal subtitle renderer allows me to take full-sized screens with PGS subs in the screen cap. I wonder if I can just use ffdshow for post-processing and that it will pick up subs in screen caps, but use LAVF for main video filter? I will test more and try to use that for next time. This is just for viewing subs, anyhow. Subs may display a bit smaller or larger depending how your player handles PGS.


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