Lupin III OVA: The Return of Pycal (2002) AVC 1080i BD25 – Custom English Subbed


Pycal Cover

IMDb Link…….:

Genre…………..: Adventure / Comedy / Science Fiction / Keytar Concert of Doom
Distributor……..: VAP
Year……………: 2002
Country…………: Japan
Director………..: Mamoru Hamatsu

Source……………: BD25
Blu-ray Codec……..: AVC
Blu-ray Size………: BD25

Programs Used….: AnyDVD (Not My Rip)
+ video sub finder, abby fine reader, aegisub, subtitle edit, notepad, notepad ++, avs2bdnxml
+ MeGUI, dgavcindex, avisynth, avspmod, x264, eac3to, avidemux, vdub, delaycut, mpc-hc, pdvd12, tmt3+5, Sonic QC
+ BD Reauthor Pro, Sonic Scenarist BD

Screen Format….: Widescreen
Resolution…….: 1080i
Subtitles……..: English (including: all 3 Secret Endings are subbed)
(ocred from A-F & A-K fansub; tweaked and edited)

Menu………….: Untouched
Video…………: Untouched
Audio…………: Untouched
Extras………..: 3 Secret Endings available only after watching film proper


DTS-HD Master Audio Japanese 2968 kbps 5.1 48 kHz 2968 kbps 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
Dolby TrueHD Audio Japanese 1467 kbps 5.1 48 kHz 1467 kbps 16-bit (AC3 Embedded: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps)

This OVA is atleast fun, if probably not the best Lupin ever.
Seriously though, it brings back a character, a great adversary, from the second episode of the first TV series, and pits them against each other again over jewels and Fujiko.

screens taken with vlc, make of quality what you will, it is the only way to give a taste of some of the subs at full resolution, or atleast screens of the ones that actually displayed properly (unfortunately I can't take screens of a few of the subs b/c vlc screwed them up).

Plus, just when we all thought the heydey of keytars was the 80s, watch out world, here comes Pycal with his KEYTAR OF DESTRUCTION AND DOMINATION!


I hate ocr, but all the available softsubs around (till now) are from bootlegs, plus the subbed DVD posted here was also a bootleg. Now you can enjoy this OVA in actual English, and in better quality than an old avi.

Thanks to biberwesen, JackJack, for help with source.

Also thanks to [b]Anime-Fansubs and Anime-Kissaten[/b] for the original fansubs that I ocred the subs from ( Lupin_III_-_Return_of_Pycal_[A-F&A-K]_[72E5CF72].avi). I edited and changed a few things in the script, and a few changes were made with some help from various people in forums — thanks! to all of them.

Thanks to texhonolize for answering a few questions, and huge thanks to hamletiii for the indispensable help and guides and allowing me access to proper tools.

these next screens were taken with Scenarist QC at desktop resolution of 1440×900, b/c vlc totally mungs these screens and only displays the top display set in the epoch and projects it to the middle of the screen and off-center:

I have more custom DVDs and BDs to work on, but still not really the HDD space to work on many of them (especially BD50s). Therefore more of my upcoming customs will likely be DVDs, despite being able to finally create BDs and have Scenarist BD actually mux for me. Not sure how much space I even have for many DVDs, but hopefully I can churn a few out soon, now that I have been able to start work on customs again.

This is my first full-fledged custom BD (that I was able to fully mux due to issues with muxing on my last OS install), i.e., one not done wtih tsmuxer and easysup.

If anyone spots any major errors, please let me know, as long as they aren’t due to using vlc or other software players. I can’t fix that.
If anyone has any suggestions for improvement for my next custom, please let me know.

Subs are on by default. TrueHD audio is default (same as retail disc).

I experimented a lot more with this disc than usual, in terms of Title effects and effects.
All players (software and hardware players) handle subtitle delays differently, with many, they screw up the timing. TMT5 tends to display too late all the time. PDVD seems a bit closer to actual timing, but flakes out. MPC-HC is all over the place. vlc straight up doesn’t display some of my subtitles — especially on the Lupin III Logo screen which has 2 display sets in an epochs with changing continuous time titles and credits… it completely eliminates the bottom display set in epochs that are split 😦 therefore vlc is the most unrecommended player for anything but screen shots for subs it displays okay.
Because of the annoying differences in timing, I could not sync subs as anally tightly as I would like, especially those on the Title screen and Lupin III Logo Screen, the ones that use the most effects.

Tested on Scenarist QC and my Samsung BDP for final tweaking and timing, as that is my target.

interestingly they changed the Japanese characters Font Type for Title and Opening credits, on the BD from the DVD. there may be other changes, but I came across this by accident.

BD type face(l) vs Typeface on DVD (fansub encoded from DVD)(r)

image host


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