Gundam Wing Endless Waltz – Special Edition (1998) R2J NTSC DVD9 – Custom English Subbed+ Dubbed


Endless Waltz Poster
IMDb Link……:

Genre…………: Action, Mecha
Distributor……: Bandai Visual
Year………….: 1998
Country……….: Japan
Director………: Yasunao Aoki

Source………..: DVD9 ISO
DVD Format…….: NTSC
DVD Size………: DVD9
Programs used….: kiches: maestrosbt, subtitleworkshop, aegisub, vobblanker, pgcedit, & pgcdemux
djmasturbeat: pgcdemux, DGIndex, avs, avspmod, megui, x264 (reference vid in vegas)
sony vegas, delaycut, eac3to, Sonic Audio Transcoder,
muxman, VobBlanker, pgcedit, mpc-hc

Video Bitrate….:
Screen Format….: Fullscreen 4:3
Audio Language…: Japanese, English
Audio Format…..: English DD 5.1 @ 448 (Untouched from R1, aside from lossless delay added at start, removed at end)
Japanese DD 2.0 @ 320 (encoded from BDMV’s 24 bit LPCM, synced*)
Subtitles……..: Japanese, English (kiches custom Eng from R1)

Menu………….: [x] Untouched

Video…………: [x] Untouched

DVD Extras…….: [x] Untouched
I used kiches’s Custom subbed R2J as a base, I have added a synced R1 dub.  Sub color pallette has been imported from the kiches custom disc.  Many thanks to them for the custom R2J!  I only wish that the subs weren’t dubtitles, but that is o/c the fault of Bandai, and having no true fansub alternative.

The R1’s 5.1 is untouched, it was only synced losslessly using delaycut, after I found the delay in Vegas with a wav copy of the R1 dub.

*The R2J audio wouldn’t fit @ the 448 k as on retail, with both Jpn+Eng subs and the R1 5.1 audio added, so rather than do a lossy to lossy transcode from the R2J’s 448, I used the lossless 24 bit LPCM from the BDMV and lowered bit depth to 16 in eac3to and transcoded to 320 using Sonic Audio Transcoder for true Dolby Digital Surround 2.0.  I think it sounds great.

The 5.1 R1 English dub is now the first audio track, and default, likewise the English subs are first sub track.  I imagine this means picking the Japanese subs from menu results in Englsih subs (I cannot read the menu).

Eventually, I will make a custom Subbed+Dubbed BDMV.  The audio sync is nearly identical for the R2J and BDMV, any difference is easily figured out in Vegas and fixed in delaycut.

EDIT: working on the BD now. Plans are to have some minor karaoke if the BD buffer (4 MB) allows it without throwing up. Audio is synced, and if I am not over bitrate, I want to have a 2.0 mix for the English dub, as well as the 5.1.
But mostly I am working on those BD subs now….


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