Another Year Older and…


So on with the the cliches, it’s my Birthday, after all.

It’s a special one, too, the one that marks the final year of my 30-somethins.

Unfortunately my cliche tends more toward the “deeper in debt,”  rather than driving around in a mid-life-crisis mobile, since I can’t afford one, can’t even afford to look at them.

Here’s hoping my one or two random readers have a good and prosperous next year to their life.

I wish I had some Xanax or Valium, hell I’d be happy with a bottle of some Yellow Tail Red Wine (reds only, don’t like rose or whte much and theirs aren’t vegan either, fortunately for me their reds are)…

Annnnnnnyhow, have an air toast to all of you, my non-existant readership.

image host image host


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