Looking For Old Anime Dubs and Videos From VHS, LD, & TV Caps, etc.


So I started a thread like this elsewhere, in a forum, with no responses, so I thought I would bring this out to my very-unread blog, where no one will see it, let alone respond 😉

here is that thread post ported directly for pure convenience and laziness.

So the purpose of this thread is to try to help people find any old anime they are looking for, but it is either unavailable commercially or hasn’t been for some time, either in whole or some part, like an old dub that no longer is in print.

perhaps we should also beg here for caps of old fansubbed VHS tapes or the old JACOsub scripts – let’s throw them in too, since I can’t see this being a wildly popular thread as it is
So feel free to ask around and see if any packrats out there still have a bunch of fansub distroed (S)VHS tapes or scripts.

I also hope to generate some discussion in general of these old things that may otherwise be lost to ages, be they only aired on TV, or just not re-released since VHS/Beta/VCD, or a dub that was only aired but never on home video. Perhaps things were recorded from broadcast TV or someone has these things. We can introduce one another to versions of things otherwise unknown or lost gems in general.

I will start:

Right now I am looking for:
1) the Streamline dub from the old US VHS of Silent Mobius Movie 1. The R1 DVD sports a new (at the time, lol) dub I wasn’t as crazy about. I like the Japanese and subs fine, but want to still add the old dub to the R1 or R2J DVD.
2) Lily C.A.T. US VHS + Jpn VHS (or LD?) — looking for a HQ cap of the US VHS as well as the Japanese audio if not a cap of the Jpn VHS not sure that it ever made it to LD even in Japan, but this would be preferable for video as well as Jpn audio.
3) Kiki’s Delivery Service – Streamline Dub/JAL English dub from the Ghibli ga Ippai Japanese LD set (only commercial home video release).
4)Lensman Japanese audio (and possible subs ). If the Jpn version was cut differently, then the video, too.
5)The (New) Adventures Tom Sawyer – Dubs either caps from the VHS or TV airings taped/DVRed, and also full a/v caps of the subbed version that aired on TV (for the subs to ocr).

What I have to offer at this time is some encodes from caps of the UK PAL VHS tapes of Legend of the Four Kings. Later re-titled as Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings (ANN) for R1 DVD release, and it was also then re-dubbed. (not my cap or encode). Many older fans prefer the old dub.
By the way I don’t think the R1 DVD set is not on the site (or any other release), so that may be worth uploading if anyone has it.

On a related note, I have also tracked down the missing final OVA episode to the 3×3 Eyes Streamline dub (not released on VHS in the US, but only in UK), which I have sent to Copyman. Also I found another new sources for the Streamline dub (LD — for Series 1 only), which I have passed along to Copyman to compare for quality.. With any luck, he can now complete more fully his awesome 3×3 Eyes custom with both dubs and subs (previously missing the Streamline dub on eps 7). I eagerly anticipate his version 2 when he has time for such things

Hope to get some more stuff listed here soon.


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  1. Mate I have the legend of the four kings region 1 episodes but Ive been after the original manga dub/intro epidoes for years so yeah,do you have all the episodes of the manga release?

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