Some Updates to Planned Lupin III DVD Projects




Once I have more HDD space, here is the ever-expanding list of Lupin III DVDs I have available for customizing with subs (and, if available, dubs).

  1. Lupin III Movie 1985 The Legend Of The Gold Of Babylon – R2J
  2. Lupin III OVA 1987 The Fuma Clan Conspiracy – R2J
  3. Lupin III TV Special 1990 The Mystery of the Hemingway Papers – R2J
  4. Lupin III TV Special 1991 Napoleon’s Dictionary [Napolean no Jisho wo Ubae] – R2J
  5. Lupin III TV Special 1993 Voyage To Danger Lupin Sansei – Lupin Ansatsu Shirei – R2J
  6. Lupin III TV Special 1994 Dragon of Doom – Lupin Sansei – Moeyo Zantetsuken – Enter Zan Iron Sword – R2J
  7. Lupin III TV Special 1996 Secret of Twilight Gemini -R2J
  8. Lupin III TV Special 1997 IIsland of Assassins (Walther P38) R2J DVD5 reencoded
  9. Lupin III TV Special 1999 The Columbus Files FUJIKO’S Unlucky Days – R2J
  10. Lupin III TV Special 2001 Alcatraz Connection – R2J
  11. Lupin III TV Special 2002 Episode 0 (First Contact) R2J (VPBY11611)
  12. Lupin III TV Special 2004 Stolen Lupin – R2J DVD5 reencoded
  13. Lupin III TV Special 2006 Seven Days’ Rhapsody Lupin Sansei – R2J
  14. Lupin III TV Special 2011 Blood Seal Mermaid Forever (probably a R2J reencoded DVD5 or prerelease bootleg)
  15. Lupin III First TV Series – R2J – I only have volumes 2 and 5 so far. I am hoping to obtain the rest.

I also have Blu-Rays of the Castle of Cagliostro, the Secret of Mamo (aka Lupin vs Clone), and Lupin vs Conan.  But if you read my pleading for donations, you will know these cannot be muxed until I can reinstall Windows which will require a 2 TB HDD.

The DVDs alone will take a long time, since I have very little HDD space to even work on.

Please consider a donation if you want to see me work any faster on some of these titles, and please note what you anticipate the most.


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  1. I have found your site, in adc they move to another server so it is close , let ´s see when they come back, you have got a preety good lupin collection, the latest lupin tv special which also in blu ray, are yoy planning to work on it or just release a dvd 5 version?

    • I really want to hold off and I hope to find the DVD9.
      I don’t have a lot of free-time, and a lot of other DVDs to work on, so I am patient enough (backed up enough, have so little free time) to not need to do the Mermaid Special yet.

      ADC probably won’t be too much longer now. I hope =)

  2. thanks
    it seems pretty boring now, so i hope i can do some stuff to make it better
    I may check out other blog hosting sites to see what they offer in their free blog capabilities. this one requires paying for better features. ):

  3. djmasturbeat do you know if ADC had already released a new site? , because I added on my favorites and the temporary page is not longer anymore

  4. not that I am aware of… I think the temporary site was just down for a bit. They may be temp. running off someon’e home line for temp route till the new site is up, but that is just a guess.

    they have an irc channel, too, but there is nothing more really stated in the header message there. I just imagine the sysop has real life stuff going on.

    I do wish they would have given us all a heads up that this was going on at least. I would think they knew about the switch of data centers, but perhaps not.

  5. Yes you were, the site it was temporary off, from the point of the uploader you are right, they should made a warn, but I agreed the matter of data center it is not always perfect.

  6. i have only watched the trailer a few weeks ago
    i know it aired last night
    i was about to go look see if anyone speedsubbed

    if not I may watch it raw, grab a .ts from japan


    looks like sage subs did it already
    they probably used the closed captions to help sub it really fast
    they did a great job on Mermaid, so it should be good.
    (OT – I still need a DVD9 of Mermaid…
    I have gottent a few more DVDs since last update, so i should update the list again;
    I haven’t had time to sub anything tho 😦 ).

  7. I hace seen the raw and it is excellent, it has some touches of hentai, it is the same director of cowboy bebop. Have you goy any news about cagliostro Bluray ?

  8. actually the director did Michiko to Hatchin, not Bebop, iirc, and is actually female :p pretty nice for a much more adult Lupin series 😉

    i am about to watch the sage subs 720p

    cagliostro bd is stalled until I can get a HDD… which isn’t going anywhere, zero donations and zero extra income.
    someday hopefully. for now I am just watching my compressed BD5 😦 only better thing about it is that it is 1080p not telecined.

  9. sage has done fine so far on the few things I checked out. they are also doing a few Gundam things (AGE, and reworking/bettering R1 scripts of SEED).
    i hoped Frostii would do the last TV SP but i don’t see it yet. not sure if sylph has translated yet or what the hold up is on it…. not that I can talk. I am hardly fast on my projects.
    sage subs on Lupin has been fine. actually the subs seem less wonky than Frostii’s. Sometimes Frostii and Froth-Bite before that, had some really awkward English and unintelligible lines, imo.
    Plus Frostii’s website services have all been down, their .com and .net domains are gone, so not sure what is up with them. Sometimes I check their irc chan, but i rarely use irc these days, tbh, but i never saw mention of the last Lupin SP on announce.

  10. I have asked them yersterday and they answered yes. And about the last tv special they answered that it took long because they are releasing con bdrip

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