Time to actually post something after a few years of having this blog?


7 January 2012

As I can see from the date of creation of this blog, I signed up for this blog account 28 January 2009.  Took my sweet ass time didn’t I?

I guess I will start to use this and/or the other blogs I created but never used.  Or maybe this will be a one-shot “special.”

For now I expect to blather about music, anime and asian movies, about custom DVDs & BDs, about creating BD25s by splitting/blanking/re-encoding with vcarious tools; ramble and gloat and grumble about having kids (which are the best thing to ever happen to me, and who also prevent me from getting anything done on hobbies 😛 ); and about having Crohn’s disease and dealing with it in a sensible way (i.e. not under the “care” of main stream doctors who see yachts in terms of how many operations they must perform) and having figured it is likely a symptom of wide-spread Candidiasis .

So basically family, living, love, hobbies, and anything else that might come to mind.

I will be 38 in a few days…damn.  I feel old with little accomplished.  Is that what they call a mid-life crisis?  Too bad I am too poor to buy a compensation-mobile.  I always wanted one of those.



stay tuned for more lame shit.


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  1. what about Gundam? … sorry, not sure I follow what you are asking….

    Is there a certain Gundam you are looking for?

    I know I am pretty upset about Bandai Ent. folding, since that pretty much means the death of mecha and Gundam franchise in the US and Canada.
    Just when they had finally announced Turn A Gundam for release, too. and I was still hoping for some ZZ DVDs in R1 (I never expected us to get BDs, as much as I would have liked them). I really wanted to see it with something other than shitty HK engrish subs. Too bad no real fan translators will pick this up.

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